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CBD Oils for Dogs

Our formula is 100% natural and independently tested to ensure quality, purity, and effectiveness. We always use organic sources, so you can be sure your CBD oil does not contain any pesticide residue and is derived from only the finest hemp-based oils. This is why we have partnered with Innovet and recommend PURCBD.

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CBD Oil for Small Dogs 125mg

This is a great option for small dogs and dare we say cats as well. As with all Innovet products they are made from 100% natural ingredients. Whilst we are not allowed to promote the possible benefits of CBD oils you probably already know the great things that can happen when using CBD Oils.

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CBD Oil for Dogs 250mg

The 250mg strength is the most popular choice for us being that we sell generally to medium to large size dogs. All our CBD oils come in a 30ml bottle with a plastic dropper rather than glass just in case your dog decides to bite the dropper.

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CBD Oil for Large dogs and small horses 750mg

This option for those with a large breed dog or even a small horse! It’s strength is 750mg and works well for all large breeds.

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100% organic hemp-based phytocannabinoid (CBD) oil

  • Formulated for dogs, cats, and horses.

  • Full-spectrum phytocannabinoid obtained via cold CO2 extraction

  • 3rd party lab tested for quality, safety, and efficacy.

  • Organic hemp oil sourced from Germany & U.K.

  • Organic hemp extract sourced from Oregon.

  • Extract derived from mature hemp stalks & seeds to be legal.

  • Contains zero chemical or pesticide residue.

  • 0% THC = Non-psychoactive = NO "High"

  • No additives or preservatives.

  • 100% natural.

CBD Oils For Dogs Product Guide

You want your pet to maintain their health and vitality for as long as possible. Although you can't stop time, there are ways to help them keep their vigor for longer. International studies suggest that natural phytocannabinoid oil may be beneficial for a number of issues, such as inflammation, seizures, anxiety, generalized pain, and nausea.

Our PurCBD+ phytocannabinoid oil is organic hemp-based and is available in 125mg, 250mg and 750mg concentrations. Since we use the purest ingredients, you can rest assured that you're getting the most potent tincture available at the most affordable price.

This phytocannabinoid oil contains 0% THC, the chemical in marijuana that causes the "high" sensation. It's non-psychoactive and is safe for dogs horses and cats alike.

Our formula is 100% natural and independently tested to ensure quality, purity, and effectiveness. We always use organic sources, so you can be sure your CBD oil does not contain any pesticide residue and is derived from only the finest hemp-based oils.

Just give your pet the recommended dosage depending on his weight. See our comprehensive dosing chart for dosage suggestions. It may take up to two days for results to become apparent. Always ask your vet before discontinuing your pet's medications or other treatments. 

Why phytocannabinoid?

While many international governments have prevented any wide scale studies on the effectiveness of phytocannabinoid from being performed, other international studies suggest that it may help with a whole range of health conditions, such as anxiety, seizures, convulsions, inflammation, chronic pain, and more. Our manufacturing team has seen, through personal experiences and countless customer success stories, the lifesaving effects of phytocannabinoid oil. 

Our CBD oils:

  • Is derived from 100% phytocannabinoid hemp 

  • Contains 0% THC, so there's no "high" 

  • Has no pesticides or other chemicals 

  • Is safe and gentle enough for dogs cats and horses

  • Easy to use dropper allows for a perfect dosage

How to use.

Common Uses for phytocannabinoid oil:

  • Pain (e.g., arthritis, bone pain)

  • Anxiety (e.g., separation, loud noises, fireworks, travel, crowds)

  • Inflammation

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Loss of appetite

  • Seizures, convulsions, and muscle spasms

It may take up to 24-48 hours to see results. Start dosing on the low side of the dosing chart and adjust accordingly. Apply PurCBD oil to food or directly into the mouth via medicine dropper.

125mg PurCBD Dosing Guide for Dogs & Cats

750mg PurCBD Dosing Guide for Big Dogs & Horses

Common Methods for Administering PurCBD to Pets:

  1. Apply the drops using our Dial-A-Dose 10cc hand-feeding syringe with silicone feeding tip. We make the dropper with plastic instead of glass just in case your pet bites down.

  2. Apply the drops directly to the middle of the tongue or back of the cheek/gum line.

  3. Apply the drops to a treat or meal.

  4. Apply the drops to the water bowl (use this as a last resort because the oil drop could get splashed out of the bowl).


Due to the influence of big pharma, the FDA has refused (until recently) to investigate the benefits of phytocannabinoid oil for humans or pets. We are not allowed to say or imply that phytocannabinoid has any medical benefits, however our experiences with phytocannabinoid helping our own pets, and the fact that there have been more than 1500 clinical studies regarding the effectiveness of phytocannabinoids.*The owners and staff of Innovet our manufacturers believe, but cannot legally claim or imply, that countless dogs and cats have used phytocannabinoid oils for many conditions

Hemp Dog Treat Steak & Cheese

This Little-Known Supplement may Protect Your Dog From Pain and Improve His Overall Health

Getting your pet to take his vitamins or medicine can feel impossible. All you want is to protect him from sickness, but it seems that every time you put anything in his food, they refuse to go near it.

What if you could give your pet a health improving supplement that he’d love?

These hemp extract dog treats may help your furry best friend in dozens of ways, and unlike his usual medicine, steak and cheese flavour they’ll love. They’re safe and healthy enough to use as a daily treat, and he’ll enjoy the taste so much it will feel like a special reward.

These hard treats are perfect for medium to large sized dogs. Your dog will love the deliciously crunchy texture that can improve his health while still being appetising—who would have thought that was possible?

Hemp extract has repeatedly been demonstrated to have incredible, life-changing results in a multitude of areas, including managing pain, inflammation, and anxiety; it has also been successful at improving appetite, digestion, and mood.

Effects vary from pet to pet, but our customers have reported hundreds of exciting success stories with their dogs.

We (and our customers!) have seen such wide-ranging positive effects that no matter what your pet’s condition is, you could start seeing improvements within days.

Even if your pet is in perfect health, hemp extract can still provide tremendous benefits. It will strengthen his natural defenses and protect him from life-threatening diseases.

Our treats are effective because they enhance your pet’s natural endocannabinoid system. They work with your pet’s body and help it do its job.

In addition to being hard to get your dog to take, medicines and other supplements can have dangerous long-term side effects.

They can damage your pet’s body and eventually do more harm than good. Hemp extract, on the other hand, is entirely natural and extremely safe. It is impossible to hurt your pet by giving him the wrong dose.

Our treats are made from 100% natural hemp extract and do not have any adverse side effects.

Our hemp extract is entirely organic; you can learn more about it here. Hemp extract is completely legal, has absolutely no intoxicating effects, and cannot get your pet “high.”

  • Hassle-free way to improve your dog’s overall health

  • Over 100 mg of active PCR

  • May improve your pet’s digestion, appetite, and mood

  • Has no known negative side effects

  • 100% natural, organic, and completely safe

  • May be used for acute symptoms or as a preventative, health-boosting supplement

  • We’ve heard hundreds of success stories about hemp extract reducing pain, inflammation, and anxiety