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I'm Kraken the founder, born in rural village where I learned to make the most of my time with my super trained Labrador gun dog parents. Then when I was 9 weeks old my new owners turned up in this cool Land Rover Defender.

While studying in how to wee and poo outside, collect things and loose my northern accent (just so I could fit in down South). I noticed the uniformed chauffeur chap with a red van delivering parcels. My owners always seemed to be really happy to see the parcels. Sometimes they had things for me. Like the ridiculously big collar I'm wearing in the picture. "She'll grow into it".

This whole pedigree thing means that I hang out with some of my awesome cool friends that have some nice bowls, collars and yummy treats.

I needed to find some so I made friends with the uniformed chauffeur guy with the red van. I could smell the boxes and work out if it was for me; people that sell dog things have dogs in their offices!


I'm a working dog! Which also gets me to the pub on an odd evening.

Kraken - Black Labrador

Kraken's Dog House was born. It's hard using a keyboard with paws. I'd stay up over night working on how best to tell all my friends. So I heard about this thing called Facebook. I found lots of books many with faces on but it was no good, I had to sit on one of the kids laps and look cute whilst they used their phone.