This page is for those of you that would like even more information on our superior gel saddle pads.

I would recommend this pad wholeheartedly and over any brand of pad I have used previously... clearly a gel pad is not just a gel pad
— Equestrian Life

Why Does the VIP Saddle Pad Have Bobbles?

The original idea came from bubble wrap, but it was realised it enabled us to use the maximum amount of raw material without make our VIP gel pad bulky and heavy.

The bobbles have a small amount of movement, this allows the muscles and fascia to move under the pad. The flat side goes against your saddle or pad for maximum contact.

This effectively means the top and bottom of the gel pad move separately. Helping to stabilise the saddle.

Many riders have reported this has helped their own backs

Will The VIP Gel Pad stop my Saddle Slipping?

Rider feedback frequently says that the Gel Pad stops their saddle moving. It’s not a claim we make as we haven’t tested this and it’s original design wasn’t for this purpose. However it does seem to be from the feedback.

VIP Gel Saddle Pad with AKTON technology
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