The Rope Slip Lead; 4 Reasons Why This One is Special.

When I was a puppy, I had a tiny collar for my little neck and a regular lead, which was great. Whenever I saw it I knew it was time for fun!

As I grew bigger (and stronger) and more obedient I have to say, I don’t often wear a collar, which is the case for many gundogs, and my human graduated to a slip lead.

Slip leads have their place in a gundog’s life and there is a right way and a wrong way to use them. They aren’t suitable for all dogs, but what became clear with the shooting fraternity was that a gundog’s human (whether they go shooting or not) puts a few things over and above everything else;

  1. my comfort
  2. the quality of the lead
  3. comfort for my human (no rope burns)

With this research came the design of my very own Ravenswick Rope Slip Lead. Made from luxury 16mm thick cotton yachting rope and beautiful leather stops we added an additional feature not normally found on slip leads and the fourth reason to invest in this special slip lead …

4) anti-choke slip lead

This clever little addition means you can set the collar section to fit my neck, but not too tight or loose. Much nicer for me and for those hounds that pull their humans arms from their sockets as they don’t get strangled.

Also the length is important. Not too long, but long enough for your human to give you room to manoeuvre (and lie down while they are perched on a bar stool; very, very important!)

All that is left to decide is the colour you’d like. Click Here


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