Is too much swimming for dogs possible?

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Can I really have too much swimming?

Dogs love swimming

As a Labrador, it’s in my blood to LOVE swimming. I can sniff out water at 100 paces and if my human isn’t paying attention I am off and in. Splooooosh!

Luckily if we are near water we don’t know, my human is on high alert. I really don’t want to be jumping in stagnant water however divine it smells, or really deep water I can’t get out of. Avoiding water near fishermen is also polite, they might have been sat there all night and then I run in and ruin any chances of them catching anything. I have to be careful of this especially at Petworth Park lake #discoverpetworth.

I am waffling on as what I wanted to talk about was whether it is possible to have too much swimming. The great thing about swimming is that it’s exercise that does not impact heavily on our joints. On a hot day swimming is perfect as it keeps us cool and we don’t burn our paws on hot pavements.

Can dogs really have too much swimming?

The thing is we can be having such a good time with our human that neither notices that I am getting tired and flagging in the water. If you notice I am swimming more slowly (and hopefully you will!), don’t continue throwing the ball or floating dummy - even if I am dropping it at your feet for more fun. I might need a short break or I might have had enough for that day, but be aware my fun button might not have an ‘off’ setting.

We all love the beach too don’t we! If we are playing in the sea and you are throwing a ball, be conscious of the fact I will be no doubt drinking some of that salty water which is not good for us. Taking in too much water can be an issue for some dogs, whether it is salty or not. Drinking too much water too quickly can cause our sodium levels to drop. We can’t rid our bodies of the water quickly enough and it can be dangerous.

So enjoy your swimming, whether it is in a lake, swimming-pool or in the sea, but know when to stop as there is always tomorrow, and the day after that! And a lovely snooze after a good swim is the best! Zzzzzzz.


Gemma Stride