Anti-Choke on a Slip Lead? Why?

The Gundog Slip Lead is probably the only dog lead humans have an opinion about. They either love them or hate them. They think they help control us or that they strangle us.

Guess what.

There is a slip lead all humans will love; the Ravenswick Slip Lead with ‘Anti-Choke’.

The ‘Anti-Choke’ is a nifty little feature allowing your human to set the ‘collar’ section at the correct size to fit your neck so it doesn’t choke you. And you still have the benefit of a slip lead so no fiddling around with loops and catches on collars and leads when you’re itching to get going.

This works really well for working gundogs for whom a slip lead is an essential part of the shooting kit. You do as you’re are told and don’t usually pull, but if you were, you wouldn’t hurt yourselves. Surely you’re not perfectly behaved all the time are you? If for example a very pretty black Labrador was to come along, you’d want to say hello wouldn’t you!

Made from premium cotton super yacht rope, the slip lead is 16mm in diameter and 1.5m in length. It feels nice for my human to hold and is generous in length so long enough to hold in both hands across the body. It is also soft on my neck and ‘weighty’ which reminds me I am wearing it, and of course no tightening around the neck. Did I mention the hand-stitched luxury leather too. Gorgeous.

The Ravenswick Slip Lead with Anti-Choke, the only slip lead dogs and humans agree on.


This round metal disc stops the slip lead strangling me!

Brave Thinking