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The Ravenswick lead by Krakens Dog House is only available here online!

This lead is taking the market by storm the extra thickness gives more comfort to dog and owner and the "anti-choke" provides a sensible option to a slip lead.

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The Ravenswick Luxury Rope Slip Lead - 12 or 16mm soft rope slip lead, with "anti choke"
from 32.95

The luxury gun dog slip lead that everyone is talking about.

The most beautiful slip lead we have ever had made. With two size options a 12mm lite version or the original 16mm in diameter rope lead.

The leather detailing sets off the colours of the soft cotton rope.

With its anti choke metal loop preventing complete strangulation its kinder on your dog whilst helping you keep control.

Great for training for the quick release of your dog. Regain control by simply slipping the lead back on.

The hardest decision will be what colour your human will choose!



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