The Labrador Coat and looking after it.

My human always has this thing out that sucks up all my surplus hair from the carpet it makes a proper noise and I tend to go out side at this point.

I never really stop molting, I shed my coat continuously more often in the spring and autumn. My coat has been highly designed, it protects me from the things that mother nature can throw at me.

"The Double Coat"

"The Double Coat"

Have you heard the term "Double Coat"

I have this "double coat" and it's awesome, probably why I put so much fur on the carpet! I have a top layer called the Top coat. This is the wiry tough coat also sometimes referred to as the Guard coat. Dig deeper and you find this lovely soft "Undercoat" These two layers protect me from the cold and heat. Plus they repel water like you wouldn't believe.

I've got some totally awesome oils that keep my coat in a waterproof condition, apparently when I come out the water and shake 70% of the water removed. It's essential for me to have these oils in my coat it's part of my breed and my love of water. Washing me too much and using the wrong products harms these oils.

Bathing and Washing Labrador Coats

I'm two years old and love nothing better than finding water, I always ask permission to dive in first (most of the time).

I've only ever had two baths so far. The first was when I rolled in the best smelling Fox poo I could find and the other was when I was coated in thick sticky clay like mud! All in the name of fun.

So how do I stay so shiny?

I get brushed about every other week and when my coat is properly molting and the fur is coming off in hand fulls then I think i get brushed a bit more to protect the noisy carpet sucker from exploding. I've seen that happen it's not pretty when it's sick.

My biggest recommendation is to have a great healthy diet, swim in lots of clean lakes and rivers. A trip to the seaside is like going to a human spa, I always get hosed of at home afterwards. It doesn't matter what time of year I go swimming I love it!

Being a relaxed happy Labrador, well looked after with some great friends seems to do the trick.

What if it has gone a bit wrong?

If your Labrador is scratching excessively or you notice red Inflamed itchy skin, even flaky dry skin and dandruff. I recommend a trip to your vet, it's not a bad place the humans always give me treats.

What's your experience with your dog?

Let us know what works best for your dog have you got any tricks to share with us.

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