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Considering a NEW Gel Saddle Pad?

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“We’ve Raised The Standard In Gel Pad Technology”

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Made From Akton

Akton has withstood over 40 years of peer reviewed research and testing within the medical and military arena.

It looks and feels like a gel, but is more body friendly. It does not leak, flow or bottom out. The best part is that it is repairable! The film is tissue equivalent, and together with the polymer, creates the most shear resistant product on the market today.

We are the only company using this product in gel saddle pads.

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8mm Slim

This bit is really important! The contact between the saddle and the rider needs to be maintained. Hence we manufactured to just eight millimeters.

This means it’s like a second skin and can be used directly on your horse or between your saddle and saddle cloth.

If you suffer with a saddle that slips this gel pad has great anti slip properties.

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Hypoallergenic, easily cleanable and does not support bacterial growth.

This is one of the great features that means we benefit from the medical research carried out over 40 years.

 Your horse will simply think you’re awesome.

Why No Holes?


Other lesser saddle pads claim benefits in holes. Why?

The belief is that in order to dissipate heat from the horses back you need to vent the heat. However having holes just lets the heat up into the saddle, super heating your saddle and pushing the heat back onto the horse through the holes, now you have the logic, how does this work!!!

One of the great properties of our materiel AKTON, a renowned viscoelastic polymer is its ability to draw and disperse heat from the horses back regulating temperature.

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Our Guarantee To You!

We are so confident in our VIP SADDLE PAD that if you are unhappy with it in anyway simply return it back to us within 14 days for a full product refund.

VIP Gel Saddle Pad with AKTON technology
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